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In-store dressing room within an e-commerce environment.

The founding team at Stylefy was passionate about solving a longstanding challenge for multi-channel apparel retailers: how to replicate the conversion effects of an in-store dressing room within an e-commerce environment. Armed with a compelling architecture and technology IP for an SaaS-based online dressing room, Stylefy engaged Thinktiv to position the company for a seed round of capital and initial sales pipeline development.  Originally founded as “Fashpose”, Thinktiv re-named the company, designed the striking Stylefy visual brand, developed a compelling messaging platform, and deployed the marketing website and collateral required to generate sales conversations. In parallel, Thinktiv developed the financial model and investor materials necessary to engage and convert seed investors. Currently in a closed Beta stage, Stylefy expects to formally launch in-market in late 2014.