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Thinktiv was the co-founding operating partner to the founding team at Energytics, and together we built a big data analytics platform that brings unprecedented market insights to traders of electrical power. With Thinktiv's help, Energytics launched an initial product within 100 days and demonstrated that their product could help power traders substantially outperform the market. Thinktiv played an integral role in positioning the company for exit, and 28 months after mapping out the company's strategy on a whiteboard, Energytics was acquired in November 2013 by Genscape, a leading global provider of energy information for the commodity and financial markets.

Thinktiv was our co-founding partner for the entire lifecycle of Energytics. With their strategic guidance and diverse execution talent supporting our core team, we went from whiteboard to outstanding exit in 28 months.
— Justin Rasberry, CEO, Energytics

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