Senior UX/Product Designer

Senior UX/Product Designers at Thinktiv are able to apply the craft and rigor of the design process to create wildly successful businesses. If you thrive in environments where you are constantly pushed to your mental limit, and are tired of working towards a deliverable and instead want to work towards an outcome, we may be a good fit.

Things you will be expected to design, know and/or facilitate:

  • System maps.
  • Go to the whiteboard and visualize ideas, flows and stories
  • Annotated (and detailed) wireframes
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Usability Tests
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Ethnographic Research
  • User Stories & Scenarios
  • Client Pitches & Presentations
  • Interaction design conventions across a variety of devices and contexts
  • Participatory Design Activities

Senior UX/Product Designers who thrive at Thinktiv...

  • Ask great questions
  • Work fast, while not sacrificing craft.
  • Have  a good sense of humor and are able to make fun of themselves.
  • Listens and ask clarifying questions before offering a solution or opinion
  • Have a good attitude, even when projects do not turn out exactly how they’d like.
  • Chart their own course and act as a Product Manager on small-medium sized projects
  • Admit when they do not have the answer to something.
  • Quickly generate and present an opinion, yet not cling to it tightly.
  • Act without being told what to do.
  • Copes effectively in the midst of chaos and uncertainty with changes in scope and plans.
  • Seek out constructive criticism and feedback.


How to Apply

If this sounds like a good fit, send us an email at and put "JOB: UX Designer" in the subject line.  Include your resume as a .pdf file.  If you join us, we promise you'll be working hard, learn a ton, be compensated well, and have a great time doing it.